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This is the world's most innovative product smart strap, he is a bridge between traditional art and smart connections. He used the Australian first layer calfskin material, following the fashion design concept. Design inspired by Chinese






In order to make your valuable watch play a bigger role, a team from China spent 8 months to complete this meaningful product. Smart H3 can make your traditional watch more flexible, because you only need to replace your watch strap, smart H3 can bring you access to the number of steps, calories, mileage. But we are not satisfied with this, we need to give him more talents, so smart H3 can also find your phone, check your call information, view your Facebook news and so on. He can even control your mobile phone remotely and refuse to answer harassing calls. There are many functions. If you want to know more about him, please pay attention to us!

This is a magic strap that can give you an unprecedented wearable experience



Smart H3 has a variety of colors and textures to choose from, giving you a different mood every day, and we take into account the size of each person's watch is not the same, so we introduced 22mm size and 20mm size of the strap size for you to choose. No matter what kind of watch you match, there is always one for you.

This is the smart strap smart H3

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