To learn to get along with others, you must live with them.


Time and again come out, thousands of pear trees. After such a long time, the industrious technical brother did not stop to knock on the code, and finally the WEB background was initially completed, and the "duang~ duang~" has entered the Zhao test (CHA) stage. Although technology brother has a small look of self-confidence, but we will not let go of any imperfect or inhuman Bug.



There is still some excitement in the heart of such a celebration day. The next WEB will generate much faster, and it will be a long way to go when we look forward to it.
After years of research and investigation, from the beginning of this year's design in June, hard-working design elites have completed more than twenty Enterprise Edition WEB. Each set of designs is carefully studied and discussed collectively. From aesthetics to extensibility, from experience to applicability. The advice put forward by technology elder brother's front-end elder sister is that the designers are willing to accept and improve.
Technology brother is also rushing to make up the background part. I believe that a complete set of products will be able to meet with you soon.
A cow product is really a group of cows.

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