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7 years experience in front-end development has served Sohu's Olympic transmission route FLASH developed in code to experience a perfect life.
WEB enterprise version of the latest research and development of the small and medium enterprise website system, the team has many years of experience in building the site, to understand the latest website experience and interaction principles, as far as possible for users to consider the integration of functional, operational, experience interactive professional website system.
WEB Enterprise Edition is not a half hour online site, but a half day on-line website.
We use 10 years of building experience to build a high-end enterprise suitable for small and medium enterprises -WEB, exquisite design, humanized backstage, let WEB become your first choice of building.


PartnerStanley Sun


Stanley has specific interest in the science of place and the effect of environmental changes on human physiological response. He is formally trained in design, fine arts and sciences from multiple academic institutions across Canada and Asia and is a sessional instructor at the Ryerson University School of Interior Design. He has worked for respected firms in North America, Europe and South East Asia and previously held the lead design position at a top London, UK architectural design consultancy.

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