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China Japan Hospital 2017 nursing graduates recruitment notice
1. Qualification requirements
1. the moral quality is good.
2. health;
3. in accordance with the basic conditions for the management measures for the reception of the graduates of preferential hospitals, the graduates will be required to start the full-time undergraduate course, and some outstanding full-time college graduates can also be considered properly.
4. good grades, graduate students must pass the National English Band Six, and the undergraduates pass the National English Band Four examination.
Two. Recruitment arrangements
1. receive resume from now on, deadline December 31, 2016.
2. the interview time will be announced separately.
Three, the way of application
The 1. landing love hospital website (, under the latest trend of the home page "hospital news" and the work dynamic column "recruitment column" downloaded "2017 nursing graduates of China and Japan Hospital Application Form" (Annex 1) and "China Japan Hospital 2017 nursing graduates information list" (Annex 2), and fill in according to the requirements. Successful delivery of the electronic application form and registration form is considered effective, and no paper resume is accepted.
2. application form and information registration form should be sent to the mailbox in the form of two attachments in the same mail:
3. deliver the mail and its attachments, please name them as follows:
(1) mail Name: 2017 nursing + name + Graduate Institution;
(2) application form: 2017 nursing + name + graduate + registration form;
(3) information registration form: 2017 nursing + name + Graduate Institution + registration form.
4. love hospital personnel department Tel: 86888888

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