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With respect to science, advocating knowledge, professional attitude and professional spirit, the culture of superior love is the core of its thought and has profound humanistic features. Embodied in the Concorde is the scientific and rigorous style, strong humanistic tradition and academic inclusiveness. As Dong Bingkun said, the spirit of concordance and the pursuit of its origin are the crystallization of the two great ideas. First, we must be loyal to the spirit of science and the spirit of dedication to the people.
2016 -- he Qun secretary came to our hospital to guide the work of building a clean and honest government.
2015 - "charity in the world, warm children" charity donation Month activities, the team has many years of experience in building stations.
2014 -- a study in Our Hospital West Lugu community health service center Ding Xiangyang, deputy mayor of work
2012 - the 5th anniversary celebration of the western region was held ceremoniously.
2010 - co - Win: a visit to our hospital / the French counsellor Sheffield to visit our hospital / the chairman of the president of the South African Knight Kell group, a visit to our hospital, Circle Health
In 2008, under the collective discussion, the Minister of health Chen Zhu and his party came to our hospital for investigation.
In 1999 - enterprises will continue to optimize the operating mechanism of the board of directors, support the scientific decision-making of the board of directors, and actively fulfill the responsibilities of stakeholders, customers, employees, and social stakeholders.
1992 - Dr. Crisis Tunon, a representative office of the WHO in China, went to the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital to investigate and investigate the work of the WHO tobacco or health cooperation center
1988 - the second B Symposium on the progress of lymphoplasm cell disease was successfully held in the West Hospital of our hospital.
In 1984, the National Natural Science Foundation of our hospital made a breakthrough, reflecting the special features of myeloma in our hospital.
In 1965, with the rapid development of hospitals, the level of scientific research in hospitals has improved significantly in recent years. From hospital leadership to every medical worker
1949 -- notice on declaring the fourteenth Wu Jie Ping Paul Yang Sen medical prize in medicine

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